Fashion Marketing and SEO

Written by Nik

June 17, 2022

When I tell people that I’m a search engine optimizer, they frequently confuse the work that I do with social media and paid internet advertising. Yet an often overlooked channel for effective fashion marketing is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of empowering a website to rank in the first few results for related terms on search engines like Google. Let’s talk about why it’s important in fashion marketing!

Two Approaches to Digital Marketing: Tech-To-Head and Head-to-Tech

There are two approaches to digital marketing: tech-to-head and head-to-tech. They refer to the process by which a consumer finds a product or service. I coined these terms myself and will explain them in the following two sections.

Tech-to-Head Marketing (Social Media and Advertising)

First-world countries, like the United States, are consumerist. People consume more than just products and services, though; they also consume media. And today, much of that media comes from the internet. Some of it is for entertainment and a lot of it is advertising. The tech-to-head scenario in digital marketing captures how this works.

Tech-to-head refers to the process of sales and advertising that begins with the technology and influences you, as the user, afterward. In the tech-to-head scenario, the tech shows you the product first. This could be a sponsored post on Instagram, a banner ad on a blog, or a push notification on my phone. After you see an ad, a seed is planted in your head that I may want to purchase this product.

Generally speaking, tech-to-head is the kind of digital marketing that most people think of when I tell them what I do. Why? Well, it’s more in your face and obvious. Can you guess what kind of marketing is less obvious?

Head-to-Tech Marketing (SEO)

Head-to-tech marketing is essentially the opposite of tech-to-head. This sales process is more novel because there was no way for you to advertise something to yourself before search engines came along. How is that possible? I’ll explain with this example:

You, as a human being, think. You think about a lot of things. Many of your thoughts are about questions you have and things you want buy.

And where do you often to get answers to your questions? Google. And where do you go to buy something online? It’s typically one of two places:

  1. Amazon
  2. Google

And how am I advertising to these potential customers through Google? Yes – ads are one way. But another is by answering their questions and having an optimized site. That way, when they are having these thoughts and seeking answers, my brand’s website is the one that pops up first.

What Kind of Marketing is Best for Fashion?

The answer to this question is not so black and white. Brands seeking an optimal fashion marketing campaign can and should have both because they both have unique value. Social media is really great for providing a visual understanding of the product and an understanding of the lifestyle surrounding the brand. It also creates brand familiarity and trust. SEO is great for people who are asking questions and the provides the capability to immediately find products when they are ready to buy.

The problem is that so many businesses budget for social media and advertising, but not SEO. And to me that’s bewildering because SEO has so much power and is statistically proven to provide more web traffic than any other channel. In the fashion world, there’s a lot of competition. So when I have a similar product to many of my competitors, SEO allows me a measurable way to stand out. One of the cool things about Google is that I can know, for a fact, that I will get more prospective buyers for “biker shorts” if I rank in position 2 for that term over the brand that ranks position 3.

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