How to Start a Makeup Line: Marketing Yourself in 2020

how to start a makeup line

Written by Nik

March 6, 2020

Speculation points to $90 billion in demand for beauty products in 2020, not estranged from the $80 billion during 2019.

We are living in the golden age of beauty, spearheaded by the prevalence of “selfie” culture.” The last decade of cosmetics marketing has been dominated by Instagram feeds and YouTube channels decorated with pretty people. Influencers, brands and consumers use digital canvases to showcase their hottest makeup looks and skincare best practices. As a result, beauty brands are turning away from traditional advertising and onto digital marketing in order to capture this generation’s attention.

The Basics of Makeup and Cosmetics Marketing

If you’re expecting to break your way into the cosmetics business, no matter how fabulous a beauty product you have, it’s a requirement that you implement an effective marketing campaign if you want it to be a success. Experts consider marketing the most difficult aspect of the business process.

Making your mark on the cosmetics world is possible if you understand how it works and establish clear goals. You are selling a nonessential luxury item, so your marketing campaign must convince people that your product is superior to others that are similar

Determine your target market. In order to compete against large companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, you must “nichify” (I coined that term (crazy face smiley). That means picking a target audience. This makes selling your product much easier because you can narrow the scope to just one demographic as opposed to spreading yourself too thin to appease every consumer.

Decide upon your marketing channel(s). As most of you probably already know, eyeballs are on phone and computer screens 5+ hours a day, so you’re probably going to want to go digital when it comes to selling your product. I’m sure many of you think “social media” when I say this, but other options to consider are:

  • A high-quality e-commerce website
  • Search Engine Marketing (“SEO”)
  • YouTube Influencer campaigns

Web Design and SEO for Beauty Brands

Having a prominent presence on the internet is a necessity today, especially in niche markets like cosmetics. It’s always worth spending a little extra to make your site stand out, incorporating user-tested experience design, stunning imagery and animated elements. If it’s not pretty, most consumers will not bother consuming your product. Focus your advertising and hire an SEO (“search engine optimization”) agency to help you rank for the right keywords.

Are you Ready to Launch Your Beauty Brand?

Do you have a beauty product ready to be released into the marketplace? Don’t procrastinate – get started by reaching out to some agencies and explore your marketing options. We specialize in search engine optimization and web design for beauty brands, so feel free to fill out our contact form and book a phone call!

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